Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Our Seasonal Feast

Kia Ora everyone,

Today was our seasonal feast. Thanks so much for all the delicious food. We all sang songs, ate lots and had a fab time with our friends.

...And we had a very special visitor...SANTA came along ho ho ho!!

Santa asked every child if they'd been good and then they got to put their hand in his sack of goodies. Yum yum lollipops.

Here are some photos...

Thanks to everyone for making this year so special for me, as the teacher of Room 3. Your children are amazing. They never cease to astonish me with their creativity, curiosity and just plain loveliness!
Farewell Room 3 from Miss Finch x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Eco Warriors electives

Kia Ora everyone,

Here are some pics of our beans sprouting, the mini worm farms and the alfalfa potato pets...


On our bug hunt, we found some slugs, snails, a cockroache, spiders, and caterpillars...

                       And look at our grass heads! They are growing well after only one week!

We had an excellent time planting seeds, making our potato pets, trying to root plants simply by putting a stem in water, learning about how to use a compass, wind direction and strength and how that relates to where we plant certain plants, making our grass heads, hunting for bugs and so much more! We can't wait till we do electives again!

Our awesome authors

Tena koutou katoa

As it's Friday today, our awesome authors were allowed to write about anything they liked, and today they were also allowed to write in any style and genre too. We have some poems and a few stories to share with you. Enjoy!

Splish, splash, there goes the rain,
Dribbling through the drain
Umbrellas up
Through the rain
Watery puddles everywhere
What a wet day!


Dinky Donkey

Dinky donkey, donkey do
Do I like what I do?
Dizzy dancer, daisy do
What do I need to do?
Dippety, dippety, doppety do
Doddy Daddy, how do you do?
Do you know how to spell 'you'?
Dinkety donkety do, I'm going to dress up you
Oh, oh, ohhhh donkey dress up you!


Swish, swash on a leaf
The wind blew through the tree
Oh no, where is my claw?
One, two, three, four, five
What is this in a tree?
Oh the little red hens, three.


Butterfly (acrostic)

Blue sky pretty
Using people to land on
Tasting lollipops
Twinkling sea
Everything is shiny and  clean
Flowers drinking
Ladybugs land on warm, wet concrete
Yo-yo's up and down in the garden, just like a butterfly.


Bella is the most special in the whole house because her eyes sparkle like the sun. You're as fluffy as a bear, Bella. I don't need a bath because you always lick my face. When we go to the beach you always go into the sea and get wet. You love the waves. Whenever I come home from school you jump up to say hello to me. You are the best dog in the whole world.


"Sssssssss," scowled the demon. "I will get you this time," he shouted at me.
The demon had four eyes and sharp teeth. He is a ghost demon. Whenever you try to hold him, you can't because you go right through him. He can turn your mind to mist. Beware of the ghost demon!


Yippee, yippee we're going to the zoo! What are we going to see?
We're going to see tigers. Let's go see them. Wow, they're throwing meat in the tigers mouth! His orange eyes bulged like a traffic light as he gulped his food.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A moment in time...

Kia Ora everyone,

Today in writing, we focused on writing about a moment in time...

"Ding dong," said Santa, smiling with a big grin. Santa looked at his little helper, "Make me some more toys and books!" Santa yelled with excitement. "But Santa, I'm your only helper and I wish there were more helpers!"

As I skipped to Isla B's house in the deep morning breeze, I felt the exact same way as I would usually be - happy. When I got there me and Isla B made up some games to play. I was absolutely wonderfully pleased. My heart was jumping with glee and gladness.

"Ho ho ho! Santa's here." Down the chimney Santa went, but he wasn't there for long because he was as speedy as a racing car. Up, up, up he went, over and across the sky with a big shout, "Merry Christmas everyone!"  "Uh-oh I didn't eat up all my cookies at #*@ Matai Road, at Amelia and Mere's house!" Santa raced off back to get his cookies, so, so yummy and delicious. He ate them all up. "Yum!" he said to himself.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Market Night stories

Bang! Crash!  I went on the kid's electric cars. Suddenly Rory came roaring around the corner. We had a race. We zoomed like a couple of cheetahs. I wriggled with excitement. I won the race!

I could smell all the yummy sausages sizzling. I could see people playing in the playground. I could feel the atmosphere blowing through my hair. "Hi Miss Finch", I said. Me and Amelia and Charlotte and Mere were skipping around the school. "There's the candy floss!" We shouted. Then we all got such an amazing super suprise rushing through our heads. "There's the bunji jumping!"

When it was Market Night, I bought some Hero Factory lego. My dad said, "can you get on the bouncy castle?" My dad paid the money. I jumped. I was on! I was chipper.

At the fair, oh how the hirspray streamed along my hair, colder than ice. I shivered with coldness. When it was finished I said, "woooh!" I was startled by my crazy-hair hair-do.  But I pretty much liked it anyway.

I ran up to the Sea Museum. "Oh no, the Sea Museum is closed!" Henry cried. We went to the playground. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee," I cried as I raced down the slide. "Dad is the Sea Museum open now?" I asked. "Yes," my Dad cried. So we went back to the Sea Museum and after that we went to Toy World and I got a pretty crown.
Isla B

"Horray, it is Market Night! I get a Skeleton House and 5 robots, then I asked Dad if I can get a splat bomb. When you throw a splat bomb it explodes and turns back into itself again. But Dad said 'No."

Brrrrrm, brrrrmmm, I raced around the field in a bumper car. I just stayed on Speed 2. When I stopped the wheel it scraped on the floor. I walked with my Mum and Dad to the top field. "Cool, bunji jumping! ...Can I go on the bunji jumping, Mum?"  A man strapped me in. "Cool I am really high!"

I zoomed to the Toy Shop. I got three toys. One was the Bat Cave which I bought. We got some other toys like Battle Bombs and the world globe.  Battle Bombs are transformed and when you throw them on the ground, they activate into what they look like.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Farewell Benji

Farewell to our friend Benji,

The following are our stories about our last afternoon with Benji and his family in the weekend.

Zoom, zoom. My car raced to the beach. I climbed up high on the climbing frame. "Oh no!" I cried, "the party is at the Rec Centre." "But we will only have half an hour to spend there," Henry cried. At the Rec centre I went on roller skates and I kept falling backwards and landing on my bottom because the back wheels were so slippery.
Isla B

I slipped on my shoes with a big, good laugh. I slammed the door shut quickly! I jumped up and down while mum turned on the engine. It went Brrrrrmmmmm! We went off to the bar and had a jar of lemonade. I said, "delicious! Yummy!" and I drank it all up and ate a whole bowl of chilli con carne. It was so big my tummy nearly exploded, but it was delicious!

"Yippee! Yippee!" My toes tingled with excitement. My smile was as big as the sun. I ran into the Sports Centre hoping I would see Marcel there and I did. It was so exciting that my body froze when I saw Benji.This was Benji's going away party. Me and Marcel and Benji and his other friends were on bikes and scooters. I let go of the handles on my scooter and let it crash. We laughed and laughed.

On the tip of my tongue I had Benji's leaving party. My brother got his scooter and off we went to the Rec Centre. When we were there I hired some skates. I didn't know what was happening next. I only fell over once or twice, but once I'd been around the rink one time, I got it.

I zoomed to the Rec Centre. I went to my scooter. I went racing against Marcel. I was always in front. I was saying, "lazy daisy, you're too slow, I'm going to win the race. Watch out! Three, two, one... I win!" I fell off my scooter. Ouch! But I was okay.

Bump, went the car. The wheels rolled down the hill all the way home and I raced off with my little brother to the garden, but, "Oh!" There was a dead snail. My mum watched as my little brother stamped the dead snail again and again. I ran off into the house. My mum told me to go back and get my little brother.

I flew along the road to Benji's party. My mum let me use her roller blades. I only just learnt how to do it. The Rec Centre was louder than a lion's roar. Emma and Ruby taught me how to skate on the roller blades. When I was leaving I gave Benji a big hug.

I raced with Benji with our scooters. I liked racing Benji and racing my scooter.

"Ahhh, this place is awesome!" People zomed past me. "Ahhhh!" I screamed. I ran round the back of the course. I stopped then I continued racing and got back to where I was. "Yay!". I heard something loud. "Owwww!" I said as loud as a volcano. Bang! "Awwww!" I said again. The noises of people screaming and having fun were really loud. It was so loud it hurt my ears and I left.

Good bye Benji, we will miss your sweet, cheeky personality buzzing around our room!

Ka kite ano

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Our special visitor Marion

As  you know, our Inquiry topic this term is Grandparents. We were very lucky to have a grandparent come and visit us at school and share what her life was like as a young girl.

Marion Antonavich, Olivia's Grandma, told us all about how the photographs were all black and white, there were no television sets in some homes, when she was a girl in school and had milk just like us today, it was delivered in a a glass bottle, left out in the sun to get warm and they didn't really like it, on the cake stands, you had to eat one level at a time. You had to start at the bottom with the sandwiches, then make your way up to the scones and lastly, finish with the cake at the top. We also learnt that the coats ladies wore were made out of animal fur and every holiday there was a party for all the kids in the village. She also told us lots of other interesting facts and stories too.
Thank you so much Marion, it was a pleasure to meet you and to listen to your stories, aroha nui from Room 3.